An 11-year-old Michigan boy is brutally killed by a senior cop, and the fact is cop did nothing after murdered him.


An eleven-year-old child in Michigan was brutally killed when his minibike collided with cop’s cruiser. The authorities soon released the terrifying video of the entire event. It showed that the boy entered into the path of the deputy’s cruiser.

The Calhoun County deputy was speeding on the road to reach the place where a burglary complaint had been filed. The victim has been identified as ‘Norman Hood.’ He had struck his car around 9:30 pm on May 28 in Battle Creek. The deputy was reportedly driving at the speed of 66 Mph.

The permitted speed limit in that area is only 30 Mph. The deputy’s cruiser didn’t even have its sirens, and overhead lights turned on although it has been reported that the headlights were still on, though.

After the coalition, The deputy ceased his car and waited inside the car for about fifty-seconds. After noticing there is nobody on the street, he got out of the vehicle and approached the boy. By that time, residents also started approaching near the crash site.
Soon, the paramedics arrived at the crime scene and took the boy to the hospital. Unfortunately, the boy couldn’t survive the crash.

The Elder sisters of Norman, Regina and Neveah Hale, told that their younger brother would be alive today if the deputy reacted quickly instead of staying inside the cruiser like fools and merely watching.

They also said that their brother was trying to cross the road diagonally but didn’t serve into the vehicle. The department didn’t charge the deputy but faced the internal sanctions against him. On the other hand, the victim’s family had filed a suit against the deputy and county and claimed for $25 million.

The department also reported that the boy hadn’t helmet on and headlights turned on.


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