Cruel mom in Nevada brutally tries to kill her own son when he cryingly dialled 911 for help.


A very shocking incident has come to light from Henderson, Nevada, where a mother tried to kill her son. Police had released the 911 call and graphic footage of a lady who stabbed her son twenty-five times when she was headshot by the police.

On October 21, around 12:10 pm, Six-year-old Winston Lee Brandon made a call to the police crying and screaming that his mother is going to kill him. Claudia Nadia Rodriguez, the mother of Winston, then informs the 911 operator and her son: ‘They are making us do it. We got to kill each other.’ Listening to this statement, the boy became terrified and pleaded not to hurt him.

When the cops under the scene, the officers knocked on the door of the apartment, and it is answered by a small boy covered in blood. The officer muttered Oh s**t, before instructing the other officer to ‘Get medical.’

When the officer entered the apartment, he saw Rodriguez naked. Shocked by her state, he asked her – ‘What’s going on?’ In the video clippings, she can be heard yelling: ‘You got to kill me!’ as she becomes violet and starts wrestling with the officer. A few seconds later, another officer also entered the apartment and shot Rodriguez.

Winston was immediately taken to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where he had to go through emergency surgery. He is doing well and will recuperate soon.

The boy is stated as six-years in the Department of Family Services records. The newspaper reported that Winston’s father, Willie Brandon Jr, had already filed paperwork for the custody of his son in February 2017. No doubt, Rodriguez has a long history of domestic violence reports portray.


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