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Iaf Abhinandan varthaman’s Mannequin displayed with tea cup at Pakistan air force war museum 


The Pakistan Air Force has stooped to a new low by displaying a Mannequin of Indian Air Force Wing Pilot Abhinandan VARTHAMAN in a War Museum.

And public will not believe that a cup of tea is placed next to him on a glass self and it’s true, public can see the viral photo of VARTHAMAN’s Mannequin, which is shared by Anwar Lodhi.

The political commentator and Pakistan journalist captioned his post,” PAF has put Mannequin of Abhinandan on display in the museum. This would be more interesting display, if it they can arrange a Cup of Fantastic tea in his hand”.

Let you remind that a video had been released by Pakistan Air Force in February, which showed Varthaman, holding a cup of tea in one hand, while refusing to divulge sensitive information to his captors. When asked, he calmly replied that the tea is fantastic, thank you.

This video gone viral on social  media and became a symbol of bravery and courage in India. But Pakistani Media and Brands have used Abhinandan Varthaman and his cup of tea to troll him and Indian Air Force.

While, Varthaman managed to eject safely, he was taken into custody by the Pakistan Air Force who held him captive before releasing him on March 1, 2019.

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