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Monster daycare worker sentenced for jail against the charge of killing the four-year-old baby because she did not stop crying


Four-year-old Died in a Daycare Center

This report came in from a daycare centre in Delaware. One of their workers was responsible for the death of a 4-year-old. The 19-year-old Dejoynay Ferguson suffocated the child with her hands. She covered the mouth and nose of the baby because she would not stop crying. The incident was recorded in the CCTV camera present in the room.

Dejoynay picked the girl up from her crib by her shirt. She then proceeded to put her on a changing table. She then suffocated her to death. When the girl became unresponsive, she put her back in the crib. A Delaware Police Station gave this statement. Little People Child Development in Bear did not know about the incident. Dejoynay did not inform them. After 20 minutes of becoming unresponsive, the centre was informed.

The child was declared dead at the hospital last Thursday.

Dejoynay is a resident in New Castle. She was charged with the first-degree murder of the baby. She is in jail since April. Her bail money is fixed at one million US dollar cash. The license of Child Care has been revoked for the centre.

It is not the first time that incidents have taken place. The daycare centres that people trust their children with have mistreated them. The centres give the children a spoonful of cough syrup every day to put them to sleep.

The children have at times been brutally beaten up that put them in hospitals. It is a thing that happens in every other daycare centre, state, or country, to curb this practise of abuse of the children, CCTVs have been installed to keep an eye out so that the babysitters would not do anything inappropriate with the kids.

It does not stop them; they want to shut up the crying child in any way possible. The daycare centres should run a check on the abilities of the employees. They should make sure that they would not harm the child in any way.

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