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This might be Sony’s secret PS5 invention to keep the price down.


Sony announced the PlayStation 5 release date. It was, initially, to be released in April 2020. Then the release has been shifted to December 2020. It will be battle with Xbox Project Scarlet, which also to be released on Christmas 2020.

PS5 will come with an optical disc drive, as confirmed by Cerny. But Wired has updated that the new PlayStation will play 4k Blu-Ray. These 4k discs were already present in Xbox One S and X; it made them more attractive than PS4.

PlayStation 5 will have AMD Ryzen chip and a GPU from Radeon. This will support, to some extent, an 8K video. There will also be SSD storage. PS5 is better than what we had before it. Thus, it must be expensive compared to the earlier product. This is not the case. It will be cheaper than expected. The price of PS5 is a crucial factor.

Sony PS5 SSD

One of the reasons might be that Sony wants the users to upgrade to a new next-gen console. Sony has a console that is working on. Sony has not promoted the product and has not said much about it. This console is to be released next winter. There is a possibility that it might be related to PS5.

A Dutch blog made a prototype of what the Sony cartridge might look like using its patent. LetsGoDigital made this prototype of SSD storage. Sony will be able to benefit a lot using this SSD.
First is that it will keep the price low for the PS5s. This SSD has lower storage of 500GB to 1TB. This will let the player have a decent amount of memory at their disposal. It will also not be an attack on the bank account of the users.

The new SSD cartridge can be easily changed for a new one. Thus, there will not be tear down procedures to change the cartridge. Down the line, Sony will earn a lot from these SSD cartridges. They might provide a unique SSD solution. If this happens, then no other unofficial SSD will hinder the profits that will flow into the company.

Sony might also be working on a storage upgrade for the console. The PS5 can have the game content that users will play, be it a single-player or multi-player. This will download and installing of games much quickly before considering swapping SSD for a bigger one.

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