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A farmer tried to threaten his wife with half cutting knife resulting banned from his own home against molesting charge.


A Farmer Attacks His Wife with a Butterknife.

Arthur Grinter was brought in because his wife, Barbara, filed a complaint against him. In the complaint, she mentioned that her husband had threatened her with a cutting knife when he inquired about the electricity bill.

The huge electricity bill was because of Arthur’s girlfriend, as said by Barbara. The reason for the fight was Emma Ismay. Emma was the girlfriend of the 75-year-old. She lived in the caravan on their farm. Arthur would go to her at night after dinner and then return to watch TV. His wife did not know about the affair.

One fine evening, when Arthur came back after his daily routine, he blamed his wife and his daughter, Natalie, for the huge bill. He then lost it when his wife said that it was because of his mistress.

On 12th November 2019, he was found guilty at Yeovil Magistrate’s Court, and a restraining order was issued that banned him from his farmland.

Grinter told the court that he was just friends with Ismay. He would visit her because the atmosphere at the caravan was better than that at home. Then they would kiss and cuddle. He further told the court that when he returned, he saw seven bulbs on and fan running. This made him angry. When he got into a fight with his wife, he claims that she picked up a pan and threatened to hit him on his head.

Natalie confessed that she knew about her father’s affair with Ms Ismay since April this year.

The magistrate has fined him with 300 pounds. He is to pay the cost of the trial and victim surcharge, which amounts to 500 pounds and 32 pounds, respectively.
According to the restraining order, Arthur Grinter will not enter his farmland. He will not try to make contact with his daughter or his wife. The order is valid for 12 months. What happened with Ms Ismay is unknown.

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