The President of United States Donald Trump he congratulated his former White House Press Secretary, named Sean Spicer on reaching it to the Week nine on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. The Press Secretary was eliminated Monday night, falling short of next week’s semi-finals. He was one of the two bottom vote-getters, and the judges of the show decided to save the country singer Lauran Alaina over Spicer.

Donald Trump Tweeted that he did a great work. We all are proud of him. He tweeted this shortly after the episodes got over. Throughout the episodes or the seasons the President Trump used his twitter account page to show Spicer support, he was often tweeting before during the episodes. However this tweets did not be enough for Spicer to overcome another week of poor scores from the show judges.

On Monday night, Spicer and a pro dancer who was his partner named Jenna Johnson received a 26/40 for their first dance to Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” and a 24/40 for they both performance on One Direction “Story Of My Life”. This week’s episodes featured a forth judge, former NSYNC singer Joey Fatone.

After Spicer being eliminated, he was gracious for his time on the dance competition series. He also thanked his first dance partner very much for his support, Lindsay Arnold, who have missed this week’s and also the last week’s after the death of her mother-in-law.

Arnold said that Spencer was missed very much. He wished that he could have done better that time so that they wouldn’t have been eliminated. He continued to thanks everyone. After Spicer joining this series the President thought that he would do well in the competition.

Everything will be just fine, winning and losing is a part of the game we all know that there is no point of being disappointed here. Next time will do the best that’s what we need from anyone.

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