Google Stadia Releases Without These Promised Features And We Are Not Happy


Google Stadia will be launching this November 19. To promote the former, Google will host an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit.

The missing features will be added within one week of the launch by the developers.

It includes access to an achievement system. However, all achievements will be saved and recognized when the system launches shortly after Stadia’s release date.

 Also, Stadia won’t support family sharing. Parents will be able to manage the children’s experience on Stadia with parental controls through the family links. 

However, they could not share the games. Developers believe it is one of the crucial features and termed it as a high priority feature. They also revealed the same will launched at the start of 2020.

 Besides, it doesn’t support any Chrome Cast Ultra devices that aren’t included in the Stadia bundle at launch. Google will soon update it after the launch. The developers are quite optimistic about it.

 Google will follow a similar approach related to updates of Google Search, YouTube with Stadia. There would be a gradual and continuous improvement of its services.

 “The team is collaborating with game developers to set the standards for accessibility among all games on Stadia.

Of course, there are many more cool new platform features on the roadmap. We are looking to release the new stuff weekly after 11/19.”- Developers continued. 

“We have designed a special accessory for Pixel and Stadia Controller. The official name is Claw and will also be produced by our Made for Google partner PowerSupport.

It will be sold exclusively through the G-Store and available for purchase in the coming weeks.”


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