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16 SECONDS ON HIS 16TH: High school student shoots 5, then himself on his birthday; 2 dead


Bizarre happened when a student shot five fellow students and then himself in the morning on the day of his sixteenth birthday. 

Three off-duty police officers who were dropping their children at school reached the crime scene within seconds — afterwards the boy headshot himself with .45 calibre Semi-Automatic Hand Gun which he was carrying in his backpack. Alex Villaneuva, County Sheriff, Los Angeles informed the media in a conference.

When the officers reached the crime scene, they found six students lying on the campus quad of Saugus High School in Santa Clarita.

The gun was, however, empty. They were immediately rushed to the hospital. Four students are in stable condition now. However, a boy and girl could not survive the accident

Although Villaneuva didn’t mention anything about the suspect, according to the reports, Suspect Nathaniel Berhow is in a critical condition and still hospitalized.

The video footage shows Nathaniel taking out a gun from his backpack. He shot the gun five times before shooting himself. 

Villaneuva revealed that the investigators could not find the motive behind the incident. Also, there is no ‘nexus between the suspect and his victims.’ 

An Instagram account which the authorities believed to be of the suspect contained the message ‘Saugus have fun at school tomorrow.’

 The news was immediately changed after the incident. Thus, we can conclude that someone else has access to the account.

 After the incident, detectives interviewed the students before releasing them. Brian Skiba revealed that his daughter was in the quad when the incident happened.“My daughter’s still in the band room. 

They’ve got a police officer with them. They are still in lockdown. They are only clearing it classroom by classroom.”

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