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Bayern Munich v Dortmund: How to watch Bundesliga on TV and live stream


Coach, Niko Kovac had to redeem a considerable value due to his failure to set aside Bayern Munich on the summit and finally, suffered his dismissal after been beaten 5-1 at Eintracht Frankfurt’s final weekend.

That notwithstanding, Bayern Munich is set to clash with Dortmund as the host of the match at the top- deck of the famous Bundesliga without a substantive manager.

The interim manager, Hans-Dieter Flick has no option than to hang his faith on the superstar, Robert Lewandowski to sail the squad through to one other sport though he has inbred a strong team with skilful players.

The polish Lewandowski has till this season, holding onto the goal king medal of the so far 10 Bundesliga video games played.
This has rendered null and void the records of the superstar for the opponent – Dortmund, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for hitting the net in all his opening eight league video games.

However, Dortmund is likely to use Bayern Munich as flesh for their teeth due to the current predicament being faced by the team. But then, the top half is firmly huddled, so creating many blunders is a luxury Dortmund cannot afford, else they will also end up gnashing their teeth in anguish.

In the table, BVD placed second with three points less than Borussia Monchengladbach and a score higher than Bayern Munich in the fourth position.

The game between Bayern Munich and Dortmund kicks off at precisely 5:30 PM on Saturday 9th November 2019. The match could be watched live on BT Sport 1.

Those who had already subscribed to the BT Broadband will only pay an additional £10.00 and add BT Sport 1 to their current contract for 30 days. For prospective subscribers, the BT TV Broadband packages begin at £39.99 for 30 days.

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