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What Mark Ruffalo Revealed About She-Hulk In Meeting With Kevin Feige, Spoilers, Everything You Should Know?


Avengers: The Endgame That Concluded Us, which leads to an open-ended future for Avenger star “Mark Ruffalo”, who appeared as “Bruce Banner”, more famously named “Hulk” in the Avenger series.

Starr said that he is looking for a meeting with Marvel Studios President and Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige to talk about a supporting role for the upcoming series of She-Hulk.

According to Star, Green Goliath may soon return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming series of She-Hulk on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

Mark Ruffalo said:

“I think I’m going to talk with the great Mr Feige to see if that’s somewhere.”

And when people asked him if there was any possibility about casting for the She-Hulk series?

Mark Ruffalo said and answered:

“Sure, why not! It’s been a great ride”.

Apart from Rick and Morty, now Jessica Gao has been hired for the series when asked about the upcoming series, she did not respond to it as she was not allowed to disclose the cast of the series.

If we see the importance of the “Bruce Banner” within the comic book, then according to the comic book, we can expect the presence of Rafallo’s banner in the series.

It is expected that Jennifer Walters will appear in the series as She-Hulk. Kevin Feige confirmed one thing about the series that we might see Shee-Hulk and two other new Marvel heroes who will appear on the big screen in MCU films after the debut of their Disney Plus show.

Release date (He-Hulk).

This Marvel upcoming series is being developed for its premiere and will be premiered at the Disney Plus streaming service.

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