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Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz broke her ‘wedding pavilion’, broke Shefali and Aarti, said- ‘Cute is not psycho.’


Shahnaz Gill, a female contestant from Bigg Boss 13, has caught everyone’s attention with her cute antics from the beginning. But due to one of her actions, she came under target.

Shahnaz Gill, a female contestant of  Bigg Boss 13′, has caught everyone’s attention from the beginning with her cute antics. Whether the people present inside the house, the audience watching the show outside, all of them feel quite cute and entertaining. But in Wednesday’s episode, Sana did something that Shefali, Aarti, and Siddharth themselves were infuriated by them.

Shehnaz,Shefali And Aarti

Shahnaz was self-employed in Bigg Boss this week, for which she had to choose one of the boys from Siddharth and Paras. The task, which started on Tuesday, was also done on Wednesday. In this task, where there was a tremendous fight between Siddharth and Asim, on the other hand, everyone also had a lot of fun in the task. Till the task was over, Sana had to tell the name of one of the two boys so that they could be married. So Shefali and Aarti started decorating their pavilion.

There was a rule in this task that only the opposing team can break each other’s pavilion, but meanwhile, Sana comes there and breaks the pavilion of Shefali and Aarti. Shefali and Aarti ask Sana why she is doing this, to which she does not respond and leaves from there smiling. Shefali and Aarti then force a fierce fire on Sana. Both call Sana very bad. Both of them even say Sana to Psycho.

When Aasim says that ‘Sana is cute, everyone’s heart is alive, she is not cute’, to which Aarti angrily says ‘she is not a cute psycho girl’. In the midst of all this, Siddharth is also angry at Sana for why she did this.

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