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It’s Confirmed Ozark season 3 will be on Netflix: Plot, release date, cast, spoilers and everything you need to know


It is official:tantiated by celebrity Jason Bateman through a tweet, and it is safe to say we are somewhat worried about just how dark the upcoming chapter will be. We are pretty thoughtful for Marty too.

It is fitting that the declaration came from Bateman – he isOzark’s returning to Netflix for a 10-episode third edition. The news was subs not just the prime attraction, he has also directed episodes and gives as an executive producer on the sequel.

Conversing about the project when the sequel was first declared, Bateman said: “It is a drama. It is kind of a dark, risky show regarding a money launderer for a drug cartel.”

He included: “I am going to [direct] the initial two and probably the finished two out of the ten. Just scheduling-wise there is no path to act in all of them and prepare all of them, but that was the initial intent – to basically transmit a 600-page film.

“Since I will be the executive producer too, it is kind of a producer’s medium, I will still be ready to check all those boxes.”

And the cast should be impressed to hear that Bateman’s moving nowhere. As co-star Laura Linney puts it: “This is Jason’s sequel, and we are all just fortunate to be in it, to be true.

And he set the tone so nicely for the initial two episodes, and let us out on the other verge with the last two events.

When someone is as involved as Jason is with this particular show, it elevates the quality, all the way through. Everyone wants it to be kind, and everyone wants it to be helpful for him. He is an excellent director.”

There is also appetite from the creatives prior to the show to keep the ball going. Conversing at a panel in Beverly Hills, showrunner Chris Mundy said (through The Hollywood Reporter):

“We have always covered it as five seasons. It might be four, it might be seven… but that definitely seemed like a nice number to us.”

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