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Kevin Feige Revealed That He Has A Huge Crush On Avengers Endgame Assembe Moment, His Favourite Movie Scene, Read Full Story Here


Avengers: Endgame is one of the epic films of the MCU. Endgame is a multidisciplinary film, showing a collective call back to all the earlier stunning photos. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige finds immense pride in the Avengers series.

The film is the best of its kind. Marvel’s montage scenario will always give you a heart-wrenching experience. The endgame marks the end of the first phase of the MCU.

Kevin Feige is not behind in accepting the fact that the last giant is a great blockbuster. He also admits that he still has a lot of crush on Marvel’s montage scene.

The last film also marks the end of one of the most charismatic and epic characters. The appearance of Iron Man ended with this final move. However, Captain America was none the less in presenting the epic scene.

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Kevin Feige is the President of Marvel Studios for the last 11 years. He feels blessed to be a part of such a big story since 2008. He is feisty and got a crush on the epic scene when Captain America yells, “Avengers montage.”

He has such an affinity with the Avengers series that it always becomes a source of pride for him.

This deep love for the epic scene came forward through Trin Tran. In a recent interview, Marvel’s executive producer revealed Vishal’s crush. Trinh also said that Kevin always stood with the MCU’s highs and lows, reflecting his affection for Marvel.

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