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National Treasure is going to released on Disney+


Now that Disney+ has been revealed, National Treasure is undoubtedly not available to come up, but it will launch on the current service in the coming future.

The 2004 adventure movie was a big box office success for Disney, and the 2007 series National Treasure: Book of Secrets is in fact given to see on Disney+.

So, why cannot National Treasure enthusiasts get all the Nicolas Cage they need and deserve? Disney+ officially released on November 12 in the United States and involved classics from Disney, 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Marvel, National Geographic, and Pixar.

The streaming service also possesses original film and television content, involving the popular launch productions: the Mandalorian and Lady and the Tramp.

In the Destiny, MCU head Kevin Feige has declared that franchise enthusiasts will need to see upcoming Disney+ sequel like WandaVision, Loki, and, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to be up. But although Disney+ has much to give for film and television enthusiasts, some franchises are not currently available in their full form.

National Treasure is not available on Disney+ because it is still included of a streaming deal with Netflix. A searching inquiry launched that there is no expiration date given.

If a movie is scheduled to go away Netflix within 30 days, a date is definitely listed under the “Details” part. Unlike browsing on Netflix, a Disney+ search, fortunately, does point out the exact date that National Treasure will be given: April 30, 2020.

Disney even allows subscribers to add National Treasure to a watchlist, and a brief note explains why the movie is not available. Like National Treasure, the famous Marvel hit Black Panther is also extinct from the Disney+ catalogue.

Actually, the streaming service is presently missing seven of the 23 MCU movies. But the similar technicality applies, as Black Panther is presently available at Netflix and would not move over to Disney+ until March 4, 2020.

For now, enthusiasts of the National Treasure franchise will have to go back and forth in services for a proper two-part binge.

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