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Spoilers Alert, Marvel Phase 4 Has Officialy Confirmed That ‘Future Captain America’ Will Be A Female In MCU, Read Full Report Here


With Marvel coming closer to unveiling the new Captain America to the world, suspense builds on who is going to be the modern Captain America. Captain America’s widely popular series is a much-loved series of Marvel fans.

But you will be excited and surprised to learn that this time your Captain America is a woman, unlike what you have seen so far. Yes! Marvel has officially confirmed that ‘Future Captain America’ will be a woman in the MCU.

Here’s what you need to know:

You saw after so many captains, its time to see a female Captain America. Surprisingly, this is a new twist in itself. A series of actors are being formed who played Captain America, Chris Evans, Matt Salinger, Red Brown and so on, now you will see a new twist.

Steve Rogers is now out of the Captain America series, which means you can no longer expect him. The MCU is making several changes in future series.

Now it is coming out who can play the role of female Captain America; maybe it will be performed by Sharon Carter. Yes, Emily VanCamp may be the female Captain America, known as Emily’s Sharon Carter.

But, Emily VanCamp’s role as female Captain America is just what we’re guessing. So, in reality, everything that is going to become female, Captain America is wrapped up. Therefore, we need to get an official confirmation about the same.

So far, after Avengers:

Endgame, the new film is queuing up for its fans to come, with plenty of twists, of which we know the modern Captain America is a woman. Therefore, the women captains hope for the best experience to come with America.

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