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Suicide Squad’s new Task Force X Lineup revealed by DC


Comic book characters are changed but not as frequently as in Suicide Squad. The new Suicide Squad team is named as Task Force X.

The team was named Suicide Squad due to the low survival probability of the characters in the field. Written by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, the new line-up of the comic has fresh faces.

When you think about Suicide Squad, the body count ration is somewhat similar to the work of George R. R. Martin or William Shakespeare.

Task Force X will retain Harley Quinn and Deadshot, while the rest of the squad will be the rookies from Russia known as Revolutionaries. The team also has a new leader, a government strongwoman Amanda Waller.

The readers got a sneak peek at the new Suicide Squad. They look like flashy and fun characters. They can be quirky to intimidating. You name it, and it is there. There is a chance that many of them might not make it as the characters in Suicide Squad does not last long enough.

Tom Taylor tweeted that fans should not get attached to the new characters, and also that he misses them already. It is a warning that many of the characters will be killed off.

Looking at the costumes of the Task Force X, they look like they came straight out of Overwatch. The vibrant and bare-footed Aerie looks similar to the Archangel of X-Men.

Chaos Kitten, T.N. Teen and Wink give a hint that their costumes might be from Hot Topic.

Lok and Deadly Six are dressed sharply. They might even be the leading ones. Thylacine and Osita look fearsome and proud as they pose. The rest of the team has Scale and Fin, and Jog.

Suicide Squad has been doing well for decades now because the writers bring in new characters. It has an assortment of villains and new villains. Harley and Deadshot leading the team will be fun to watch. Whoever writes their story always bring out freshness in the comic.

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