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Supergirl #36 preview: Eisner-winning writer Marc Andreyko farewell


DC is now providing ComicBook.com with an exclusive preview of this week’s Superstar # 36 from Issner-winning writer Mark Andriko and artist Edwardo Panzica. The issue represents the final instalment in the race for Andrico, which began in August of last year.

The Art, which you can see below, gives us some creepy metal bugs that are not entirely dissatisfied to the tone that was used on Krypton in the show’s first season, Seg-El, the grandfather of Supergirl Was to torture and interrogated.

Of course, all is not lost. Kara may have her own issues, but she has crypto. And the good dog clearly understands that something is not 100% here.
The story leads to a revelation in Brian Michael Bendis’ The Man of Steel with Kara, Krypto, and Brainiac-5, with the story of Krypton’s death being nonexistent as Kara always leads to believe.

“His attitude in Man of Steel makes sense. He finds out that not only was the tragedy of his planet biological, it was a schematic, but as he told Clark in Supergirl # 21, ‘For you.
The destruction of Krypton is theoretical. To me, everyone knew he was dead, “Andriko told ComicsBook.com at the time. He said that he went through the long, wild history of Supergirl Apas go and try to pull those elements of each version of which worked best.

“That’s why she’s not really dealing directly with her survivor’s crime, and now there is this anger and need to find out: ‘Did I know that everyone was murdered?”
This allows her to be a fully realized leading character by the end of this journey and let go of her grief and her anger and be happy with who she is, and enjoy life and not be an Italian widow. Be the one who never socializes after her husband dies,” Andriko explained.

“She is putting so much pressure on herself, not to ‘disrespect’ Krypton’s memory; she is not able to enjoy her life right now. When she gets her answers, even if she doesn’t want her answers, she will move forward. ”

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