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Bigg Boss 13 Nov 21 Full episode preview: “Sehnaaz, You are a Psycho”: Roars Shefali


It’s like this entire week is all set to set up the records of “the furious episode ever” as the waves of arguments have taken over the house completely and not a single member is excluded. The ugly fight between Siddharth and Asim is increasing day by day, and it has changed the dynamics of the house completely.

Asim And Siddharath

In the furious episode, Siddharth confronted Debolina for making a statement with Vishal for making Vishal as captain and saving Rashmi. At this Debolina lost her temper and accused Vishal of playing “diplomacy card”. She shouted at Vishal for breaking her trust as this talk was supposed to stay between them only. Asim came forward and took Debolina’s side, which fueled the heat between Siddharth and Asim once again, and they came in front of each other once again.

Housemates got to see the fiery side of entertaining Debolina. Rashmi came forward to console her. Then series of argument broke between Shefali and Sehnaaz as Sehnaaz accused Shefali of ‘adding fuel to fire’ in Sid-Asim’s fight as Shefali was instigating Asim to fight with Siddhartha. This led the calm Shefali to lost her temper at Sehnaaz and called her ‘Psycho’.

Later, Siddharth was sitting in garden and Asim came to him which resulted in the violation of all rules of Bigg Boss as they went physical with each other once again which forced Bigg Boss to gave them warning but all in vain as both were in their worst phase and were not in a mood to listen to anyone. Other housemates came forward to pacify their fight.

Later, the housemates were sitting in the pool area and were trying to find out the roots of Sid and Asim friendship where Paras accused Shefali of breaking their friendship. This accusation of Paras provoked Shefali to show her frightful side, which resulted in argument war between Paras and Shefali which was joined by Mahira from Paras’ side. Bhau spoke in favour of Shefali that she never spoke against Siddharth.

Further, Bigg Boss asked the winner team of the last task to choose names for captaincy. As usual, the team was not able to come with a common decision as everybody wanted to be the captain which resulted in Bigg Boss’s shocking decision.

In the upcoming episode, Bigg Boss will decide on giving a chance to the losing team of the task to give captaincy candidates. It would be interesting to watch who will become the new captain of the house. Also, the audience will get to see the fiery side of “sweet and calm” Himanshi with old rivalry Sehnaz Gill.

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