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The Knight Before Christmas Review: An Imperfect But Charming Holiday season Treat


With the Thanksgiving round the corner, most people would be making their plans for this festival. People ordinarily plan to see holiday-themed romances at this time to feel connected to their roots. 

This takes a toll on steaming services to add a new collection for this time. It looks like Netflix has already come up with its collection. This year Netflix is offering ‘The Knight Before Christmas’. 

This film had already set Twitter ablaze a few months ago when the news about its addition was released. The Movie mainly focuses on the life of leads. It looks like it’s not as absurd and unpredictable as it was initially thought to be. 

The Knight Before Christmas sets out in 14th-century when an epic tournament was conducted. Sir Cole Christopher Frederick Lyons(Josh Whitehouse) or Sir Cole as his circle call him also takes part in the tournament.

 In the course of the tournament, he is teleported to the present-day where he ran into Brooke(Vanessa Hudgens). 

Brooke is working as a science teacher and is nowhere to open for romance again. With the passing days till Christmas, Brooke and Cole develop a close bond while he attempts to fulfil his quest in the first place.

The Knight Before Christmas doesn’t attempt to reinvent the Christmas rom-com genre, but the film is aesthetically romantic showing the cutest movements of the Duo. 

 Even with plot holes and dialogues leave a sense of earnestness and its message about love and empathy. 

The performances of the cast are adorable from Hudgens and Whitehouse. The Knight Before Christmas is one of the perfect rom-com for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

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