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When is The Luminaries (Mini-Series) on TV


A long-awaited six-part series, based on Eleanor Caton’s 2013 Man Booker Award-winning novel. The Luminaries is set to set Eva Green of Casino Royale and has been adapted for television by Cotton himself.

Set on the South Island of New Zealand during the nineteenth-century gold rush, the story follows a giant race of characters – in the book, they are connected to one of the various zodiac signs or planets within the solar system.

The book begins with the arrival of Walter Moody, who believes he has seen a “phantom” on the ship. Stumbling into the smoking-room of a hotel in Hotika, he takes on a strange murder of twelve men, who are preoccupied with a series of dark, mysterious events …

According to the official Synopsis

“The Luminary tells an epic tale of love, murder and revenge as men and women travel around the world to make their fortunes. This is a 19th-century tale of adventure and mystery, dating back to 1860 The gold boom years of the decade were set on the Wild West Coast of South Island, New Zealand.

“The story follows the young adventurer Anna Werthel, who has left for New Zealand from Britain to start a new life. There he meets Radiant Emery Staines, an encounter who wields a strange kind of magic that neither can explain.

As they fall in love, inspired by simultaneous and different coincidences, these star-crossing lovers begin to wonder: Are we Mr. make fortunes, or made us our fate? “

“It’s so different from the book, and I can tell you this much” series star Himesh Patel told RadioTimes.com in an interview at the South Bank Show Awards in July.

Eleanor Caton wrote the novel and won the Man Booker for it, transforming herself into six parts for BBC2. And he has done such an excellent job of telling his story from a different point of view.

And it was exciting to read her novel and then what Eleanor did with it, and I’m excited to see how it turned out.

“We spent five months shooting in New Zealand. Such a beautiful country in so many ways, [I had] a perfect time.

“She’s forced to do what she’s done. It’s not like she’s breaking the rulebook, it’s her work – it’s interesting when an author has adapted her novel.

Upon adopting her Man Booker-winning novel, Eleanor Caton said in a statement: “I very much enjoyed taking this novel for the screen and feel incredibly lucky to work with such brilliant people in various art forms it happens.

Writing a novel is a solitary occupation, but writing for the screen is collaborative, and has grown and enriched the way I see the world of The Luminaries, which goes far beyond the realm of my imagination, it is a humble one. And it has been a very exhilarating experience.

“I couldn’t be happier that the fabulous Claire McCarthy is at the helm, and I can’t wait to see this incredible cast come to life in the story.”

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