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Avengers Endgame: Turning point of the movie, death scene of Black Widow


The team of the most trending film of 2019, i.e. Avengers Endgame filmed an alternate scene for Black widow’s death in which we saw that they showed the end of Hawkeye. 

As we all know that this movie has received a good verdict from the audience, and became the highest-grossing movie. And after its release, still, people consider it as one of the best films of all time. The audience enjoyed the movie, but this scene became the most controversial moment and eye-catching one. 

“Thanos”, the main villain of the movie, was shown a powerful character in this movie. In one of the scene, Black Widow and Hawkeye meet on the planet Vormir. They were searching for the Soul Stone. Because only with the help of this stone, the black magical power of Thanos will be reversed. 

The Soul Stones was not like other Infinity Stones. In order to use this stone, there are some set of rules to follow: If someone wants to acquire this stone, then one has to lose the person, they love most in their life.

The two characters Natasa and Clint, have a strong bond like a family. But the main question was which one has to sacrifice. Unfortunately, Natasha was the one who sacrifices her life and later died. Now according to the report, Natasha Romanoff will not be seen in future Avengers movies.

This scene of the movie made a lot of audiences cried, since Black Widow was no more alive. And along with that, Natasha was the famous female Avenger in the movie. 

The actresses have mentioned in one of her interviews that although her death scene was very sad, she was happy to be a part of the movie and delighted to die with respect. She also said that her character was very kind by nature, and for the sake of humanity, she sacrificed herself to save the life of people she loves.

Let’s see what’s coming up next.

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