Anti-government protests erupted in Colombia, three policemen killed


Things have become uncontrollable in Colombia. The capital Bogota is in a state of chaos due to the violence and looting of protesters.

The situation in Colombia has become uncontrollable due to anti-government protests. The capital Bogotá is in a state of chaos due to the violence and looting of protesters. Three policemen were killed in a bomb blast at a police station here late Friday. The explosion in the city of Santander de Quilicão in the southwestern province of Kakua injured ten police officers.

The city is known for drug trafficking and mafia violence. At present, the police have not held any armed group responsible for the blast. Indeed, a national strike was called on Thursday to express growing dissatisfaction towards President Ivan Duk.

About twenty-five thousand people attended it. During this, three people died in bloody violence. These demonstrations started after President Duk denied the issues related to economic reforms. The protesters said that the government was doing nothing to stop corruption and the killing of human rights activists.

Thousands of people gathered for ‘Kesarlajo’ at Boliver Plaza in the capital Bogota on Friday afternoon. During this time, the police used force and tried to drive away from the people. On this, the violent mob started looting and arson.

Let us tell you that ‘Kesarlajo’ is a traditional demonstration in South American countries, in which people take utensils and register their protest. 25-year-old art student Katherine Martinez, one of the protesters, said, “We have come here to protest against the Dukasarkar. It is an incompetent government that kills children. ‘


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