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Bigg Boss 13 Nov 23 full episode preview: If it was under my control, I would have thrown out a contestant out of the house right now: Angry Salman lashes out at house members


Bigg Boss 13 Weekend ka war brought a disappointed and furious side of Salman Khan to housemates. Salman Khan shared his disappointment with the contestants and also he mentioned that he has lost all hopes with them. With an audience, he also shared that in his 10 years of experience of hosting Bigg Boss, this was the worst week in terms of fight ever. 

It looked that he was in no mood to talk to the contestants at all and at the same time he was ready to bash everybody. The fiery Salman even said that if it was under his control he would have thrown out Himanshi out of the house for pushing Sehnaaza without any provocation for which Himanshi apologized.

The contestants were very quiet as they got a hint about Salman being angry with them. He started with the matter of prolonged Sid and Asim fight. He asked the house members to explain their understanding of their fight. 

Later, he called both of them into “katgarha” and gave them equal opportunity to bring their points out. For the first time, everybody including the audience was able to understand the reason behind Sid-asim fight over Apples and oranges. Asim told Salman that most of the time he felt insulted when Sid made fun of him in front of new members. Siddharth reverted when his chance came of speaking where he cleared his side.

Salman also schooled Shefali for her biased result and negligence during the captaincy task. here, he also cleared that no violent pull was applied by Siddharth during the task.

Later on, the Vivo caller of the week was from Punjab and took Himanshi’s class where she accused her of instigating Asim to fight with Siddharth and also backbiting of Sehnaaz. She also dragged their outer controversy on which Salman put a full stop. Himanshi cleared her side and later on, she was seen saying that it seemed to be a call from Sehnaaz’s side.

Further, Salman wanted to call Asim and Siddharth for dangal but because of the BB team’s decision, it was Himanshi and Sehnaaz who went up for the “Sultani Akhada” where Himanshi won the Dangal.

Later, Salman declared Rashmi and Siddharth as safe which left Debolina and Arti in danger of eviction.

In the upcoming episode, housemates will get to hear backbiting about them and they have to guess it. Also, Ranvijay is going to enter the house for a task. Also, the family members of contestants will take their stand on the weekend ka war with Salman Khan. And above all, a shocking eviction is awaiting.


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