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The Call of the Wild first Trailer features Harrison Ford and a Hero Dog.


The very first trailer of “The Call of the Wild” has been dropped on the screens. 20th Century Fox released the trailer featuring Harrison Ford with a CGI Dog. 

The film is to be on an official open on 21st of February 2020. The cast starring of the film includes Dan Stevens, Colin Woodell, Bradley Whitford, Omar Sy, and Karen Gillan.

The trailer goes with a dialogue “I came up here because I didn’t want to be around anybody.” It has been treated as his role in Hollywood’s latest live-action evolution of Jack London’s Call of the Wild.

The story goes like: Ford is playing the role of John Thorton, an outdoorsman who is living up in the North at the very last place on the Earth. It has Buck, a dog, like no other, a CGI. It has been counted as the uplifting based movie on a dog.

The film has been adapted from a novel by Jack London, which itself follows the adventures of Buck, a CGI dog stolen from a cushy home in California. Buck later finds his way to Alaskan Yukon during the Gold Rush of 1890s era. After it, he becomes the member of a mail delivery dog sledge team. The dog then gets in a strong bond of friendship with John Thorton (Harrison Ford), a loner who later goes to adventures areas with his new companion-mate.

It was expected that the movie would be released on the day of Christmas, but later due to the Disney-Fox deal, it was postponed to be released in the early days of 2020.

The dog is digitally rendered, but he looks pretty cool in the trailer of The Call of the Wild. The pair seems to be entertaining together.

The audience is quite excited with the release of the trailer, the smart-call of postponing the movie release during winter was done well due to the cooperation of Disney and Fox. It is said that the best role given to Harrison will be of John. Let’s hope for the best.

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