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DC’s Black Adam Movie Will Introduce the Justice Society of America.


The enthusiasts may not get to discern Shazam in the arriving Black Adam film. Still, they will possess an even massive piece of the DC Universe to see forward to, now that the movie’s star has substantiated rumours that the Justice Society of America has a role in his tale.

The data arrives directly from Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson, finally able to discuss the movie’s production post more than a decade in character.

Black Adam

The right plan was to launch his anti-hero in Shazam! As the mystical hero’s longtime rival and arch-nemesis, but the policy were finally changed, providing Black Adam with his original film for a celebrity like Johnson, and tentative plans to have him and Billy Batson face off in a destiny crossover film. But even without Shazam with them, Black Adam would not be short on DC Comics superheroes.

The substantiation arrives after months of rumours, providing Black Adam would involve JSA heroes like Hawkman and Stargirl, and Johnson himself teasing new DC cameos in Black Adam long before. While conversing with Screen Rant in the press for the arriving Jumanji: The Next Level, Johnson substantiated that a battle with Shazam celebrity Zachary Levi would not happen — but did unravel the superhero team that his movie will launch to the DCEU:For now, it is not clear how the comic origins of Black Adam will transform to make a JSA-era introduction the easiest.

With all proof pointing the tone of the movie and its director Jaume Collet-Serra’s style leaning towards adventure, and apart from a profoundly dark, dangerous, or harmful one, an ancient origin entirely true to Adam’s may not operate while those earlier origins seemed to be substantiated in the Shazam! Film’s history lesson, transformations of his comic book tale have seen Adam reincarnate in the structure of a modern descendant.

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