Home Comics Hawkwoman Returns to DC To save Hawkman From ( Spoiler)

Hawkwoman Returns to DC To save Hawkman From ( Spoiler)


The heroic Hawkwoman has made her triumphant comeback to the pages of the DC Universe to assist Hawkman to defeat a modern villain: Himself. In case enthusiasts missed it, Sky Tyrant, the evil edition of Hawkman coming from Earth-3 has not provided him with the spotlight of the newest Hawkman problem.

As one of the selected team members of the evilest Batman Who Laughs’ Infected tribe, the Hawkman enthusiasts knew been harmful… or in this scenario, taken prisoner in his soul. Since it was declared in September, DC enthusiasts have been waiting to discern which six of their favourite heroes would be transformed into villainous dupes for “The Infected” plotline seen in Batman/Superman.

DC Universe

Those six characters have now all been unravelled: Shazam, Supergirl, Hawkman, Donna Troy, Blue Beetle, and Jim Gordon. But even if Hawkman is just single of the “Infected” (all recipients of one-shot comic book problems tied into the “Infected” tale ), the Sky Tyrant is a different type of villain and a different kind of corruption.

Which means it is a good thing Hawkman would not have to face this monster solely. The latest problem of Hawkman #18 provides Sky Tyrant to Carter Hall’s Earth-Prime, forcing the hero out of his structure, becoming a translucent spirit seen only to the winged enemy.

Sky Tyrant — being another Hawkman of another world — is technically one of Carter Hall’s previous lives. Thus, Carter now prevails only in the head of the present incarnation. Which means he is forced to see as Sky Tyrant plans bloodshed for no probable reason at all, and prepares to set off a passenger plane full of people out of the sky for no reason (more than the fact that he adores violence because he is one lousy bird).

Carter is forced to battle Sky Tyrant off within his mind, but he is barely able to disorient him without much actual power, which is where Hawkwoman comes in to save the day.

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