Black Friday 2019 Deals: How to Shop From India and Everything You Need to Know


Black Friday 2019 is only around the corner. The shopping festival in the United States is celebrated one day following Thanksgiving. While shops have started offering deals and offer days ahead of the actual Black Friday sale event, their stores early open on Thanksgiving Day itself. While Black Friday remains relatively unpopular in India, there is still a lot you can purchase from the united states and get it shipped to India if you want to save a little money.

Black Friday Sales: Everything you Want to know

What is Black Friday?

For most Indians, Black Friday has an entirely different meaning. But it is the day following Thanksgiving Day. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Most retailers, both offline and online, start deals and offers.

Even Though Some of the deals that are best run out Fairly quickly, some Nevertheless spill over the weekend. Last year, shoppers at the US spent a total of $6.22 billion in online Black Friday revenue alone.

When is Black Friday 2019?

The Black Friday shopping event is on November 29.

Can I catch Black Friday deals while sitting in India?

Yes. Some of the online retailers who offer Black Friday deals do Ship internationally. In case of a person, you can Utilize a third-party shipping service to get your package delivered in India. These services charge you for Shipping, and you’ll have to pay. Whatever custom duties are billed at the port of entry in India.

You might also ask a friend or a relative to bring along your purchases once they see India, provided everything is under the habits that are the usual limit.

Where to Search for Black Friday deals while shopping from India?

We mentioned previously; some large online shops will directly Ship products to India. But this doesn’t include the entire inventory. Amazon US ships a large chunk of electronics internationally, including India. eBay is another choice, but you’ll need to be marginally more Careful while choosing listings.

Newegg is another Alternative, but they only Send a limited set of products to India and the pricing is not necessarily on the side. It is worth mentioning here that no matter what websites you select, you’ll have to Consider international shipping and import duties as well.

The best way to find the best deals during Black Friday 2019 sale?

If You’re searching to buy in the Black Friday sales of this week, you should begin planning straight away. Make a list of merchandise and keep a tab on the local rates. Stop by the online stores that send to India and add those products on your online wish list. This makes it easier to track their costs when the sales go live.

On the day of this sale, compare the prices with Neighborhood rates. If the gap is substantial — import duties and is sure to factor in the Shipping — you can then decide whether a deal is worth purchasing from India or not.

Black Friday sales are great For purchasing electronics which are either not available or are overpriced here. Make sure you don’t buy products because the Shipping will split your budget. As always, we’ll be covering the sale Will bring one of and extensively once They go live this weekend.


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