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Danny DeVito and The Rock recently crashed a wedding in Mexico.


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Danny Devito are known to be iconic figures in recent times because of their lively and bright personalities. They are the co-stars of the upcoming sequel to the classic Jumanji series along with other figures like Kevin Hart, Karren Gillian, Jack Black and Danny Glover.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock and Danny DeVito

The sequel ‘Jumanji- The next level’ is highly anticipated as the movie is to be released on the 13th of December and the video game version was not as well-loved as the classic movie that the audience loves so dearly.

The cast of the infamous movie appears to bond well with each other as they are often seen having laughs and giggles on the set via Jack Black’s Youtube video and The Rock’s Instagram Story. Fans can only hope such chemistry and bonding reflects on the screens when the movie is out. Via The Rock’s Instagram, it is seen that he and Devito crashed a wedding in Mexico.

The stars were spotted crashing the wedding by the guests present the duo supposedly sang a duet for the married couple. According to Johnson, it was in the spur of the moment and calls the whole experience “Unforgettable” for everyone and says that he has no regrets doing it. He posts the video of him and the guest star of FRIENDS thinking about crashing the wedding, and they are doing it.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock and Danny DeVito

They are seen singing and having a good time in the video on The Rock’s Instagram. According to the video, the stars drank Tequilla as a part of their break from the filming of the sequel when this idea popped in their head. Johnson also adds to it and says that the wedding ceremony was a beautiful one and wished the newly-weds a long life of happiness and good vibes.

This sudden thought of crashing the wedding was so ironic considering the personalities Dwayne and Danny share. We can just hope that these two would remain the same and never miss an opportunity to bring a smile on the faces of their fans and fans can only hope that the chemistry they share reflects on the silver screen.

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