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Nightwing is finally debuting in Titans season 2 first photo of the suit.


The DC series ‘Titans’ making its debut in 2018 has not failed to keep its viewers on edge. As the brainchild of DC, it is filled with stunning actions. This show also remarks the entry to the streaming services. Though the show had its fair share of dips, it managed to capture the hearts of its fans and gained numerous amount of popularity. The show has become so popular that it has been taken up for season 3 which is to be out in the year 2020.


The show itself has a plot where the characters are interwoven. Still, the plot around Dick Grayson(Brenton Thwaites) who attempts to make a name for himself by breaking out from batman’s aura would make people relate to the character more and help the show gain popularity.

Fans wanted him to embrace his ‘Nightwing’ side at the end of season 1 as seen in the comics, and they were left to believe that he will embrace this side when he is seen burning his robin suit. However, that did not happen as the season 1’s final episode was revised as season 2’s debut.

Dick Grayson

Though Dick Grayson was shown that he let go of his old self in the debut, the demons in him continued to grow into another persona called Deathstroke. The rest of the season focused on the history of the characters, which was slightly disappointing for the viewers. The season also marked the death of Jericho, Slade Wilson’s son. Not hope was lost as the finale trailer hinted that Nightwing would make a comeback.

When the DC released the trailer for the finale for season 2, the fans were excited to see a glimpse of Nightwing. The trailer got fans giddy and excited for the finale as the most awaited comeback of Nightwing is seen in the minute-long clip.

The trailer shows Deathstroke corner Rachel, Starfire, Wonder Girl and Dove. But they are saved by the declaration “A Titan will Rise” where Nightwing makes his appearance. From the hype from the trailer, one can only hope that the Viewers of the show are not left disappointed.

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