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The Best Black Friday Big deals in 2019


League of Legends players who have been active in the sport because the massive preseason update went live have experienced a lot of new features and changes to play around with.

Still, they have also probably experienced some problems involving frame rates and stuttering.

Various players have taken to the forums and other internet communities to share their reports of their frame rate issues and stuttering with outcomes. While supplying a fix riot Games is aware of the problem and is currently investigating it.

Head to the League forums or places like the game’s subreddit, and you will undoubtedly find articles regarding the frame rate conditions that appear to have emerged since the game’s preseason update published.

One post on the match forums inquired if anyone else was having similar problems and stated the framework drops weren’t because of the player’s PC.

By saying they, also, were experiencing frame rate problems others backed up these claims from the remarks.

A similar post was shared within the game’s subreddit where someone said they had been experiencing”Enormous frame drops and stuttering.”

The participant said they may have found a solution by updating their drivers and induce stopping the Blitz program which was running along with League, although others have not been as blessed.

A development director at Riot, riot Brightmoon, said Riot has an notion of what might be causing the difficulties.

It seems they’re associated with some apps which use an overlay, though it’s seemingly not one program that is causing the difficulties.

The Rioter explained the developers are looking for the source of the issue but the”bug is proving hard to track down.”

“We have been looking for the source of this issue and now it seems that it’s associated with programs that use an overlay (not one special app ) – as others have noted it may help to close any programs you have running that utilize overlay while we continue to try and repair the matter,” that the Rioter said. “Sorry I don’t have more concrete info to discuss, this bug is proving hard to track down”

An issue such as this can be frustrating given how much new content there is to try out today, but it’s also more understandable given how much has changed in the sport today. If it is one that you are experiencing until a more permanent solution is found by Riot, disabling apps like the ones mentioned previously may help the problem.

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