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The Best Gaming Bundles on most popular video games Black Friday 2019


Black Friday is the perfect time of year when it comes to video gaming to save big. Recently, sale pricing has jumped away from savings and shifted to concentrate on huge discounts on some of the most popular video games.

This year is no different and, for the first time in years, there is a drought in all major retailers when it comes to video game console packages.

Next year, Microsoft and Sony will release the models in their console lines. Fans are anxious to get their hands on the new Playstation 5, which might release by May 2020.

Microsoft has kept a lot under wraps, titled Job Scarlet for the time being, of their games console. We do know that they are releasing the following year, Though not much is known about these consoles will have under the hood.

And as such, consumers might wish to think twice before dropping a lot of money on a video game console in this year’s Black Friday.

The Nintendo Switch continues to dominate sale charts console. The release of Pokemon Sword and Shield have helped solidify the console will reign supreme once more this holiday season.

Bright shoppers will definitely need to know that there are 3 different models of the Nintendo Switch now available at retailers: the older Nintendo Switch model, the brand new Nintendo Switch version, and also the Nintendo Switch Lite .

The Lite is meant for play and cannot connect to a television for gambling. The older version Switch works perfectly well, but Nintendo updated the console hardware this summer and released a brand new model (same design) which has better battery life. The way to tell the old is via the box: the version Switch box is reddish.

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