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Disney+ is already avoiding Netflix’s biggest MCU mistakes.


The collaboration of Disney and Marvel has fans of both labels stupified. These labels have worked together on superhit motion pictures like Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Spiderman: far from home have moved from having cinemas to TV series which is a huge step from their part.

This also marks as a new era for Marvel and a refresh of content by switching their means as they end the infinity Trilogy. After the huge and controversial breakup with DC, many did not expect Marvel to collaborate with other big labels. Hence the fans were left shocked upon the announcement of the collaboration.

Talking about Marvel in terms of Netflix, The recent movies of Marvel will not be available for streaming. I. 2015 Marvel and Netflix signed a deal which said that they need to make movies with the appearance of various characters from different movies. As per the clause of the contract, Marvel released Daredevil in 2015 staring Jesicca Jones, Luke Cage and Iron fist.


They were called the defenders. They also starred in the spinoff of Daredevil- The Punishment. They were teased to appear on the silver screen but were never debuted in it, and there was only the mention of them in the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As their deal came to an end in 2018, Iron Fist season 3 was called off and so was Daredevil starring Luke Cage. The punisher came to an end of its two season’s Journey in 2019. Preceding these cancellations, Marvel said that they are working on a TV series which was targeted on the ‘second-tier’ characters which were to be released on Disney+. This can be considered as a great opportunity for them to redeem from their Netflix fiasco.

The topic of investment is also put into the perspective of the audience as there is a huge difference between the deal Marvel had with Netflix then and the current investment. To make things clear, Marvel’s budget was 200 million dollars on Netflix to be up to par with the films. But now it’s reduced to 100 million dollars when partnered up with Disney. For instance, Thor: Ragnarok was made with a budget of 180 million dollars and will be included in the Marvel Cinematic Univers or MCU.

One can only hope that this collaboration works out for the betterment of Marvel and does not create another scandal, as upon hearing the pros about this collaboration, people are excited to see what is new form this.

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