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FRIENDS: Monika and Rachel Were Replaced and Fans Only Noticed.


FRIENDS has always been an iconic show and this year it completes its 25 years of airing. The show starring Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Davis Schwimmer and Matt Le Blanc remains in the hearts of people as it is available to stream on Netflix.

Now many of us can binge the show with a blanket and a cup of soup. The story of 6 friends striving to strike a balance between their problems and adulthood which makes this show hilarious and relatable simultaneously in the Vast New Your City.

Thanks to Netflix, Observant fans of this show find that the beloved characters Rachel and Monica, were replaced in a few scenes. I KNOW!

Not many of us notice as we are busy laughing at the scenarios. Apart from small detailing which most of us have sightly observed, There was a huge difference we have not noticed, that is Monic and Rachel being replaced. In the episode “The one with Rachel’s date” there is a scene where Monica and Pheobe are talking about their potential suitors for Rachel.


While the camera focuses on Pheobe, We catch a glimpse of Monica who is not Courtney Cox. Another episode of such a switch occurs in “The one with the Mugging” when Rachel bursts into Monica’s Apartment to tell Joey that he got an audition, the camera focuses on Joey. When that happens, we catch a glimpse of Rachel, who is not Jenifer Aniston. Many finds that Rachel is not even wearing the same outfit as before.

Courtney Cox

The reason behind the switch is a simple one. Back in the 1990s, Television shows were done in 4:3 aspect ratio, which was more square, which means a small framework. Since the framework has been improved to 16:9, it transforms into a wider framework and hence catching a glimpse of the switched actors.

Stand-ins have always been a part of every Television show, and FRIENDS is no exception to it. There might be more stand-ins in the show, but the fans will be on a lookout the next time they’re laughing at Chandler’s Sarcastic comments.

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