Howard and Maria Stark will return from the dead in Marvel Comics.


The classic superhero of the times the audience loves Iron Man. From Children too big Celebrities, the ‘I love you 3000’ character has successfully made its place in the hearts of the audience. Tony Stark, who is Iron Man, has a vague family history and a future with taking different turns all the time.

It is believed that his supposed Brother is going to be the next Iron man who will make an appearance in 2020. Apart from this, the audience can learn more about this iconic character’s family as his parents return in the Comics.

Iron Man

The parents of this Infamous hero have household names as teased in the movies. Howard Stark and Maria Stark supposedly passed away in a car accident. Though it was Unplanned, their death was meaningless. In the comics, Arno Stark, Tony’s Brother resurrected them and Tony back.

One might think that Howard and Maria were cloned with the same mind memory and personality. However, that is not true, as it would change the course of Civil War II. If it were that case, Tony would look and behave not authentic to his character as Captain Marvel killed him in the previous movie.

However, Tony returns as Arno resurrects him by using the bata of his brain data stored in the computer. Arno Stark is also rumoured to be the next Iron Man in 2020, and the comics help the audience learn about his Vulnerable side and help in the development of character in the upcoming movies.

Arno just wanted to have a family of his; hence, He is shown to bring them back to life in hopes of having a family. This shows the vulnerability of Aron and the complexity of the character in the comics.

Therefore one can only hope that the next Iron Man is as well-received as the previous one. The commendable acting of Robert Downy Jr as Iron man has truly won the heart of the audience. One can only wish that they do the same happens with Aron Stark and is loved as the previous one.


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