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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Sports Turkey Hats With Wife Jenny McCarthy Alongside


There’s been no shortage of smiling famous faces this Thanksgiving, all over the internet. Blue Bloods celebrity Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy joined the fray with their submission, festive thanks to a pair of turkey hats.

Wahlberg posted a pair of photos one where she is without a turkey hat and another where she unites with her hat, alongside McCarthy. That doesn’t appear to be the situation based on his caption Once it seems like Wahlberg might be the person who enjoys the festive hats.

“Not Certain how much I enjoy them — but my Spouse is def feeling the turkey
Hats this year,” Wahlberg captioned the festive photo with his spouse. “[Thankful] to those who have come into our lives and made the world just a tiny bit brighter! Happy [Thanksgiving] to yours & you From me mine. [LOVE] is your way!”

McCarthy responded to the article with a comment that shows the type of relationship.

“Can’t wait to gobble you up,” McCarthy responded.

Fans of the New Kids on The Block member and also the Singled Out alum couldn’t wait to share their praise and love for the article. Some lined to remark on McCarthy’s reply.

“[Y’all] is so funny!! Really like this!! Thankful for you !” McCarthy was written to by one fan.

“[You’re] so cute it is sickening,” a minute additional.

“I don’t think he is gonna complain,” a third joked, indicating that”gobble” isn’t something too painful for Wahlberg.

Commenters have been in love with the hats, though. There were also quite a few that were making remarks comparing the hat into other areas of the body.

“That first turkey hat is. .well hmm…somewhat questionable,” one fan posted.

“Happy Turkey Day Wahlbergs. Is it me or does this Turkey hat looks Like an” another added, using an eggplant emoji to receive their point across?

“Love the hats. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!!” A third wrote, bringing the comments back.

“Happy Thanksgiving to you as well best wishes love the hat [laugh Out loud],” another added, once again joking about how the hats looked.

The few have demonstrated they have an interesting relationship Point in regards to becoming friendly with fans. Recently They showed on Instagram They renew their promises annually because of being married in 2014.

“We do it every year. And people go, ‘Why?’ And we go, ‘Why not?’ Because it’s just something we always want,” McCarthy said to Us Weekly.

“He surprised me this year with our minister. But we always do it! And it’s so nice to take that moment when you’re so busy to remember those words that you say to each other and the vows and the promises. Not that we need it, but it’s nice to do.”

They also revealed that they have several tattoos dedicated to each other, including a pair on McCarthy’s fingers that read “love” and “Donnie.”

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