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“Blue’s Clues” Is Back


TORONTO — Seeing an event of Blue’s Clues get produced is as charmingly lo-fi as the series itself.

The set isn’t anything more than a screen with a table draped in the very same hues. Behind this table, new host Joshua Dela Cruz And Blue’s original pal, Steve Burns, are deciding what Christmas tree decorations their different friends that are animated would like.

As Dela Cruz mimics the sound of a rocket ship taking off with The staff, the gusto of a toddler. “This was so adorable!” Is whispered over once.

It’s October, about a month from the Nov. 11 premiere of Blue’s Clues & You! , The most recent iteration of this beloved preschool reveal about a cartoon dog And her pal solving puzzles.

The new show is being taken in Toronto, also on this day Dela Cruz and Burns are shooting A holiday episode.The reboot is as much a homecoming for the show’s stars and producers Well as the millennials as it’s a brand new introduction for kids to a series that has been a trailblazer in children’s television — who watched kids.

When Blue’s Clues first aired in 1996, it broke Ground as the first show for preschoolers that broke the fourth wall and left room to answer the host, starting with Burns. It ran before 2006, with Donovan Patton (called”Joe”) replacing Burns for the previous four years.

Things will probably be a little different this Time around, though. Blue and her pals are, the handy laptop of Dela Cruz can also be a smartphone, which baseball shirt is blue.

But much is also the same as the original, including Silence is paused for by the signature. There are long pauses as Burns and Dela Cruz act out their traces. For an adult, it seems awkward. But to a preschool audience, this is the magic that created Blue’s Clues a hit.

“For me, the series looks so different. I see a good deal of differences.”My favorite thing about Blue’s Clues is the quantity of silence.”

Patton and burns will both make appearances in the reboot — Burns is writing and directing some episodes — and their involvement supposed they could take Dela Cruz under their wing. According to them, he is fitting in.

“It just feels good to Be able to support that’s how I see that job, as nostalgia guy. I am Yoda. I’m shorter and green and old, and I am here instructing Luke things to do,” explained Burns.

“I get to be Uncle Owen,” Patton added. “I give him a blue milk and that I ask where he’s been and why he is late all the time.”

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