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Disney Premiering “That Small Droid Chewbacca Yelled At” series among others in 2020


On the heels of the runaway success of “The Mandalorian”, Disney called a hastily-organized press conference today to announce a few new”Star Wars” associated apps to premiere next year.

“It is likely to be a great year for the Force!” exclaimed Disney CEO Robert Iger, “You remember when Chewbacca cried at that little droid when Han and Luke were faking to be Stormtroopers loathed him in the first movie? That droid’s got an episode sequence.

“Remember that guy ‘Empire’ who told Han he would freeze when he traveled Out on his Tauntaun? There’ll be a special world-premiere film and then an 18 incident arc.

It’ll follow”Mos Eisley Bartender” about everyone’s favorite droid-hating bartender. 21 episodes for him.”

Iger, somewhat sweaty started taking suggestions.

“Power Droid! Enjoy it! Enjoy it!” While writing the suggestions on a whiteboard he excitedly yelled.

“Would anybody watch a series about the Death Star technicians in the Planet-destroying beam tube? You know what? I am only going to write it down. No bad ideas, no bad thoughts.”

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