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BBC’s Christmas 2019 TV Shows – The 27 Shows to be aired series


This year Christmas season is ready to entertain with a complete list.

BBC is the first broadcast to reveal what they have in store for the viewers for the coming festive season.

Gavin & Gavin Christmas Special

Almost ten years ago, we bid goodbye to Shipmans and the Wests.

The cast of the film has now come back with long-awaited Christmas festive specials.

The parenthood continues for ten years for Gavin and Stacey.

On from of the baby, the story continues, and we can see everything right on the screen.

Doctor Who

This series may not be Christmas special but ready to kick off early 2020.

It was fully packed of fright and surprises.

A Christmas Carol

This new adaption of Charles Dickens’s classic is A Christmas Carol.

Guy Pearce is the man who is visited by ghosts from the past, present, and future. Witness all of the scenes on Christmas Eve.

Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration 

After Miranda’s Hart, the cast finally comes together for a reunion, which features a host of fantastic treats and surprises.

The Trial Of Christine Keeler

The drama takes us to the outrageous 20th century of many British stories.

The Profumo Affair is the main event that happened in the 1960s.

A 19 years old woman Christine Keeler with very powerful and the male-dominated lady refused to play by their rules.

Michael McIntyre’s Big Christmas Show

Michael McIntyre’s Big Christmas Show was the most-watched and liked TV show last year for Christmas.

It has now come back with its new version for this festive season of this Big Show.


The three co-creators, Sherlock, Mark Gatiss, and Steven Moffat, introduced the world of Dracula.

Claes Bang bewitched the role in this series, who is an award-winning Danish actor.

Take Off With Bradley and Holly    

Take Off With Bradley and Holly is a festive extravaganza which spreads the Christmas cheer and fun with plenty of surprises waiting for the audience.

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