Wright Brother’s Day: Why First Flight Day (December 17) is so important in human history? for more information

The Wright Brothers Flyer arrives at Fort Myer, Virginia (VA) aboard a wagon, attracting the attention of children and adults.

The National The First Flight Society and Park Service (NPS) on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, had proceeded with the tradition of honouring the achievement of Orville Wright and Wilbur.

This was the arrangement of the celebration of the 116th Anniversary of the very first controlled and powered aeroplane which is heavier than the air.

Outside the Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center, the event took place. The park entry fees for the event was given for the day.

The celebration of the event began in the morning with a prologue band concert.

The official program started at 09:30 AM, and the visitors enjoyed the leading up to the end.

This was the celebration of the historic first flight, and this time the celebration will be mainly focused on the seventy anniversary of Berlin Airlift.

Berlin lasted as a part of a joint operation around 15 months (1948-1949).

Including this, he involved as a member of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Transport Command, and U.S. Airforce.

For this event, the main speaker was the commander of the USAF Air Mobility Command and General Maryanne Miller.

The First Flight Society was chosen to grant a tribute to Colonel S. Halvorsen USAF along with Berlin Airlift.

As their newest military serviceman to the event was Paul E. Garber First Flight Shrine. To honour all the aircraft, The First Flight Society selected Col.

Halvorsen and to help the people who take part in Berlin Airlift.

The portrait of Col. Halvorsen at 3:00 PM was revealed and placed by Candy Bomber at the Wright Brothers Memorial Visitor Center.

The event was presided by Arthur Lamothe, and Patriotic music was played by First Flight High School.

Camden High School students presented the colours and National Anthem led by Director of ECSU Choir and Walter Swan.

The prayers went on by father P. Nicholas Cottrill, and after that National park, service welcomed SP David Hallac.

The program continued, and the park wasn’t opened until 05:00 PM.


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