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New Borderlands 3 Game Series Hotfix Update Coming Today; Full Patch Notes Revealed


Another hotfix update is coming to Borderlands 3 today for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The patch notes are in and the hotfix addresses a variety of community issues, including issues with the Spiritual Driver course mod loot, vault hunter skills, and more.

Developer Gearbox announced on its official forums that now’s Borderlands 3 hotfix will arrive all platforms by 3 PM PT. At the game’s main menu, hotfixes are mechanically applied as usual.

With the launch of this latest hotfix, that the Bloody Harvest occasion formally comes to a close, which means that you won’t be able to experience all its spookiness until next Halloween.

Talking straight about the hotfix, a few issues have been solved.

Loot should no more fall to unreachable areas in Slaughterstar 3000, Zane’s”Death Follows Close” passive capability now brings the correct bonus to several kill skills, typos on the Desperate Measures and Stainless Steel Bear abilities are fixed, you shouldn’t get stuck in Ambermire anymore, and more.

Check below for the full patch notes on today’s hotfix.

Borderlands 3 Hotfix Total Patch Notes

Addressed a reported issue where the loot was occasionally falling in an unreachable area in Slaughterstar 3000.

Addressed a reported difficulty where the movement speed bonus with Amara’s passive capability” Mindfulness” when buffed with Spiritual Driver class mod was occasionally extremely high.

Mindfulness was designed with the intent that reaching maximum stacks was not easily achievable so the bonus per grade was large. We want players to take advantage although not to the extent where portions of this game might not work properly.

Addressed a reported difficulty with the Spiritual Driver course mod where it was sometimes awarding harm for all sorts of harm and not just gun harm.

Decreased pet audio so FL4K’s Jabber will be less vocal.
Addressed a problem where Zane’s passive ability”Death Follows Close” failed to deliver the right bonus to a number of kill skills.

Addressed a reported difficulty where Zane’s passive capability” Nerves of Steel” would occasionally lose performance after rapid traveling.

Fixed typos on Desperate Measures and Stainless Steel Bear abilities.

Fixed multiple spots where players were sometimes able to escape the map in Skywell-27.

Fixed multiple spots where players would sometimes get stuck in Ambermire.

Fixed various places in Septic Sluice and Green Diamond Platform that allowed players to reach unintended areas.

Fixed various places on Pandora that sometimes allowed players to escape the map.

Fixed a documented issue where some players couldn’t listen to the flaming skulls from Billy, the Anointed.

Fixed a documented issue where Brick’s sledgehammer sometimes continued to twist after being pitched at an enemy during the assignment”Hammerlocked.”

Gearbox confirmed that the significant Borderlands 3 spot arrives, while this hotfix only covers a little assortment of community issues. The patch will also comprise a fresh bit of DLC, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot.

This DLC will soon be available on December 19 to those who have either the Season Pass or Borderlands 3’s Super Deluxe Edition.

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