The Muppets Put Beaker in the Untitled Goose Game, and People Are Loving It special headline


The 2019 Game awards kicked off Thursday night, and it is safe to say they included a few moments that were delightful and surprising.

Dozens of forthcoming games have been announced or teased during the event — but a parody of one of this year’s most popular captured fans’ hearts in a way that was exceptional.

The Muppets‘ Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker created an appearance at the event, to show the winner of the Games for Impact category.

Part of the sketch involved Beaker wearing VR goggles, and experiencing what appeared to be a traumatic match for him.

The match, which Bunsen dubbed the”Untitled Beaker Game”, saw the anxious Muppet take the role of the Goose in Untitled Goose Game.

After awkwardly knocking things over, Beaker came face-to-face with the Goose, and ran off in terror.

A puppet version of the Goose popped in actual life, and it and Beaker fought.

The Muppets/Untitled Goose Game crossover quickly delighted fans, and made them wish that”Untitled Beaker Game” would actually become a reality.

Here are a couple of of our reactions to it.


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