Britney Spears Reportedly Plans to Go to Court for More Time With Her Kids Following Conservatorship Drama focus carefully read


Britney Spears needs more time with her children.

The singer is planning to move to fight after the drama surrounding her conservatorship with Jamie Spears, her father, and a change with ex-husband Kevin Federline for time with her sons.

A fresh report claims the singer is hoping to have custody with 14 her kids Preston, and Jayden 13, who shares with all the 41-year-old.

“Britney’s goal from the new year would be to go to family court and request the judge for increased custody period with all the boys,” a source told Us Weekly earlier this week.

“She will have the boys on Christmas Eve, and they’ll go for their daddy’s at some point on Christmas Day.”

The accounts come to a couple of months after a judge would get the kids.

Federline and she formerly had equal time with all the boys following their 2007 divorce.

As the family surrounding Jamie supposedly getting into a physical altercation with Preston in 23, the shift in custody came.

Federline went to court to seek an emergency restraining order against Britney’s dad , but authorities later stated that there had been no charges filed associated with this incident.

“The relationship between Jamie and Britney has completely fallen apart,” the source added. “Britney stays very angry at Jamie since his activities with her kids resulted in losing custody time with the children.”

In Terms of Britney and her ex? Another insider formerly told the outlet they don’t have”much of a connection” aside from”everyday parenting stuff.

They are cordial but don’t do much as a family.”

Britney can also be placed to go to court on January 22 for a hearing to deal with the conservator status of the singer to examine the findings of an investigation.

The report was arranged in May with resources saying Spears explored requesting to end her conservatorship.

Paperwork registered to relinquish his conservator function.

The current director, Jodi Montgomery of Britney, took over until the January hearing as a conservator.

Spears has been taking time for herself because she went to treatment for mental wellbeing in April.

“She has spent the previous year prioritizing her well-being, something that she didn’t have a chance to perform up to her Las Vegas residency,” the source told the book.

“She’s had less time with her sons but got very close with her mother, Lynne, and sister, Jamie Lynn, again recently.”

“Britney spends most of her time in the home with her boyfriend, Sam [Asghari], or alone.

Her relationship with Sam is rock-solid.

He brings her so much pleasure and is still a source of stability within her often chaotic life,” they added.


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