Julianne and Derek Hough Jokingly Shade Each Other With Mean Gifts During ‘Holidays With the Houghs’ complete seen


Siblings Julianne Hough and Derek Hough showed off their comedy skills in a hilarious skit for their Vacations Together with the Houghs Unique.

The two exchanged Christmas gifts during the NBC series, and discovered the perfect method to troll each other.

Derek presented Julianne with an image of himself with his Emmys while Julianne gave him a messy tee coat with”J’s Big Bro” written on the back.

The moment was preceded with the dinosaurs showing off how to create a great handmade present. While Derek was severe and well-organized, Julianne, 31, made a mess of things.

“I wish to create Julianne’s talent so unique and so sincere, only from the heart,” Derek explained. “I mean, she is my baby sister.

I adore her.”

“Derek – bless his heart – tries so hard,” Julianne said.

“He always seems to miss the mark”

turned into a contest, although Derek called Julianne would shout when she watched his gift.

Afterward, the two introduced every other their presents.

His first opened, revealing the gaudy green jacket.

Hers then opened, and sadly revealed it was a picture of him along with his awards.

“There’s a lot of awards and decorations in there, so every time you see it, you are going to want to win more,” Derek explained.

Julianne asked Derek to put the coat.

He asked her what was the inspiration.

“Turn around and find out,” he advised him.

After showing”J’s Big Bro,” the audience broke into laughter.

Julianne and Derek are equally Emmy winners.

Hough won an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography in 2015, also shares the award with Tessandra and Derek Chavez.

Derek won a second Emmy in 2013 in precisely the category.

Derek’s film included his Mirrorball trophy collection too.

During his period on Dancing With The Stars, Derek won the show that a record six occasions between Seasons 5 and 23.

He won with Brooke Burke, Nichole Scherzinger, Jennifer Grey, Kellie Pickler, Amber Riley, and Bindi Irwin.

As Julianne, she won the Mirrorball Trophy together with driver Helio Castroneves and skater Apolo Anton Ohno in Seasons 4 and 5.

In an interview with TV Insider, the Houghs teased future holiday specials when the Christmas one is successful.



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