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PUBG Mobile Season 10 Items Leaked and know everything.


PUBG Mobile’s Season 10 is just ready to come, and as the items are leaked, we now know what is into this season.

Now and then, PUBG Mobile gets a new update that either adds new game-play content or brings in a new season.

Just a few days ago, the developers finished rolling out full contents of the version 015.0 update, eventually rolling out Payload mode boasting of helicopters and rocket launchers.

Now, the PUBG Mobile team is preparing for Season 10 update to the game complete with a new theme with content and prizes. Players will be offered two different passes for Season 10, i.e., Elite pass and Elite Plus pass, with the latter offering premium content than before.

This Season update has taken inspiration from the Fury Of the Wasteland theme. It will also offer Parachute Skins, a new Dacia skin, along with new skins for the M249 and M416 Assault Rifle.

There are a bunch of new emotes, avatar frames, a new Wasteland- inspired M416 skin in the gun lab and a similarly themed pan stick.

As part of the new outfits, the Season 10 update will include new headgear themed from Irradiated Frog Set, Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Trooper Set and Snowflake Girl Set.

They don’t necessarily look very impressive, but for sure, they are going to look away better, once the season rolls out.

The Season 9 will end on November 9, and it’s new Season 10 is expected to come in a few days after Season 9, i.e., underway on November 7. There is also a handy countdown which can be found in the PUBG Mobile app. 

The Elite PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is expected to cost 600 UC which adds up to roughly $12. But for those who are looking to get a bit more bang for their buck, can go for the Elite Upgrade Plus which will cost around 1800 UC which is roughly $35.

So, expect a lot of Mad Max inspired in-game rewards as you progress through the season.

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