Transformers 7 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Why It Kept Delaying And Every Latest Update You Should Know reead moree


Transformers 7 stands canceled because no studio wishes to put money into the franchisee together with investments to be in the receiving end of criticisms and negative reviews.

Paramount has been suffering a lot together with the dwindling.

The Rotten Tomatoes scores were indicative of an issue.

The fall had begun, and critics have been mercilessly scrutinizing the film, and its own a franchise.

The routine of the Transformers film has been completely predictable, as the years passed, with fewer and fewer audiences being attracted by it.

The franchise has witnessed a drop on the platform, and it’s quite disheartening.

Filmmakers feel compared to before investing in a ship that it’s far better to drop the movie.

Paramount has lined up for this year, and hence it is quite clear why the production house does not wish to destroy their chances of climbing back on the ladder.

Having a narrative style adopted by the scriptwriters of this Transformer, it seems as though the ending for the franchise is close, and with Bumblebee tanking at the box office, there stays close to no hope for the movie.


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