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Alyssa Milano isn’t jumping up and down after President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

The actress took to Twitter subsequent news the House approved two articles of impeachment — Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress — Wednesday stating that while she expected to”jump up” when it happened, her response was quite different.

The House and both articles of impeachment passed after weeks of hearings regarding Trump’s behavior to Ukraine where he supposedly leveraged aid in exchange for a favor, after six hours of major debate.

The vote was along party lines for both posts.

Milano admitted she was”sad and heartbroken” within the harm Trump had already done and said the U.S. will take”generations to recover” from his tenure as president.

In a follow-up tweet, she added: “This really is a dreadful day in our nation’s history.

But a great shield of our democracy”

Milano’s followers, as well as trolls, reacted to her message to the impeachment news with reactions.

“He is not going anywhere.

This can be a moment in history that will haunt the democrats for many decades,” one user commented.

“Not generations Alyssa… the hatred has always been there… law and order (and love and esteem ) from the government is going to be revived when the majority of the rascals that emboldened this bad man are voted from the office next year.

They’ll pay the price for their complicity & corruption,” another passionate user composed .

“I have such mixed emotions.

It’s such a solemn time for the country and the truth that a complete political party refuses to accept the reality of trump’s misuse of power is disheartening,” a different user commented.

With the vote, the proceedings move to the Senate.

The impeachment would proceed to a removal from office if removals are voted for by 67 Senators.

Republicans maintain 53 seats and Democrats vote 45.

Together with the party lines, many consider the removal from office of Trump is unlikely.

Trump reacted to the impeachment information during a rally in Michigan Wednesday.

“It does not really feel like we’re being impeached,” Trump told the crowd, as first reported by the New York Times.

“The country is doing better than ever before.

We did nothing wrong.

We have enormous support in the Republican Party as we have never had before.”


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