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‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Likes Comment Seemingly Shading Family Over Sister Jordyn read more


Following an Instagram message Because of the sister’s birthday, Counting On star Jinger Duggar Vuolo Enjoyed Some of the Remarks.

Including some that appeared to color the Duggar clan that was bigger.

For her birthday, the Duggar family posted a simple photo of her sister, Jordyn.

From the caption, she wrote, “Happy Birthday to my little sister, Jordyn! I hope you have a memorable and joyful day, full of everything you enjoy most.”

While the comments were bombarded with messages from fans adding their own happy birthday wishes, Vuolo liked one remark that seemed like a slight against her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, which was detected by InTouch Weekly.

“She’s so precious… she got to be a baby due to Josie’s early arrival, however, she never was resentful but instead was loving and sweet.

She is such a sweetie,” the remark read.

While it may have been a well-meaning message, it could be read as a criticism of those Duggar parents, who have a 19 children.

It’s also possible that Vuolo only double-tapped the comments as they arrived in.

Josie, the youngest child, was born after only 25 weeks in the uterus, nearly 3 months premature, December 10, 2009.

When born, she didn’t even weigh pounds.

Jordyn was born.

Only a few weeks ago, Vuolo lost her promotional partnership with Los Angeles-based doughnut company Fonts.

Creator Nancy Truman’s husband Thom Furtado addressed the situation, apologizing for their”poor selection of a promotional spouse.”

“We’re shocked and dismayed to find out about who we had been linking with.

We understand by not properly exploring them, we really made an error.

We’ve ended our partnership with all the business that introduced us and also Jinger Vuolo.

We would like you all to understand , we promise to become more diligent in the long run and will only work with people who genuinely represent our core values of kindness, inclusivity, and transparency.”

Around that exact same time, Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy, had pulled out of the Rebecca Minkoff Mommy Pampering Event which was held on Dec. 8.

The timing of the two episodes had some.

Both choices came about since Vuolo was shown to be working together with more controversial members of this Duggar clan that was sprawling

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