Actress Matilda De Angelis (‘The Undoing’) Publishes A Photo Of Her Cystic Acne And The Internet Applauds


Confess: how did you find out about the series ‘The Undoing’ ? I mean, how did you know it existed? Perhaps it was because of the ‘banner’ that the platform on which it is broadcast (HBO) put at the top but, perhaps, it happened for the same reason that we met her: because of the ‘celebs’ who ‘tweeted’ about the series and, specifically, by Kylie Jenner . The little girl of the ‘klan’ was obsessed with each episode, and prepared in the ‘cinema’ that is inside her house (aha) an appointment with her friends and family to see the end.

Have you seen it already? Peace of mind, there are no ‘spoilers’. What we are really coming to here is to comment on an issue that you may relate to: cystic acne. And you will know well that it is a fight of many, and also of ‘celebrities’, such as Taylor Hill, Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry.

Well, one of the actresses of the series ‘The Undoing’, Matilda de Angelis, has recently published a ‘post’ on Instagram that has left her more than 300K fans freaking out.

It’s a ‘selfie’ of her showing how the lower part of her face is full of cystic acne.

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His fans have appreciated that he has opened up in this way to give visibility to something that is very normal, despite the fact that the narrative all this time has been to hide acne.

Having adult acne is very common and, if ‘celebrities’ with so much scope trivialize it, fighting against it is not as embarrassing or frustrating a task as before:


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