Tom Cruise’s Fury: Actor To Take Early Vacation After Scandal On Set


After two tantrums by Tom Cruise were made public on the set of his new movie, “Mission Impossible 7”, international media announced that the star will be separated from the production.

Recently, it was published in the British tabloid The Sun that one of the Hollywood idols started a series of screaming complaints against two staff members who were standing together watching a computer screen.

After the altercation, it was revealed that five members of the Warner Bros. studios production in Leavesden resigned because they considered it inappropriate to continue their work with Cruise .

The journalist Simon Boyle revealed that the star will have one last recording this Friday, November 18 and then he will leave for Miami to enjoy the Christmas holidays with his son Connor .

A source close to the production assured that the last days have been really exhausting, as there is a lot of tension between everyone and the filtering of the audio does not make it easier.

It’s the end of a really difficult year, and a little time out seems like a good idea for everyone, as tensions have been building for a while.

In his quest to avoid coronavirus infections on the set, Tom Cruise took matters into his own hands when two staff members broke the rules of healthy distance, but a recording by The Sun revealed that he was impolite when asking for it with fury and screams.

In addition, it can be heard that he threatened the workers with firing them from the filming, in case of incurring again with violations of health protocols.

In addition, he demanded that they do not respect the multiple efforts made by the actor and the production to avoid contagion, including a disbursement of USD 500,000 of his own money to rent a cruise. Finally, he revealed that the reason for his attitude was the concern about employing hundreds of people.


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